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Every time general manager Mark Dominik and coach Raheem Morris were asked about “Hard Knocks’’ Andrew Luck Pink Jersey Colts Pink Jersey they made references to wanting to be sure their team could live up to the hype. I have very little doubt the Bucs are headed in the right direction, but putting them on “Hard Knocks’’ would have turned up the dial on the hype many times over. The expectations could have grown out of control and taking the spotlight might have had an adverse impact on the team.
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The outspoken Ryan and normally low-key Tomlin usually have different Andre Tippett Throwback Jersey approaches. But it appears both are taking the same tact heading into the AFC Championship Game. The AFC East and AFC North trash-talking is over for the rest of this season, and now the sole focus Jake Ballard Jersey for Pittsburgh and New York is advancing to Super Bowl XLV.
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